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The Digital NY Times

Posted by redsatellite on August 4, 2008

McCain, according to the NY Times, is Analog. Yep. Which leaves Obama…of course- as the Digitial dude.

Big surprise: a lot of smarty-pants computer types have been snickering at John McCain lately. The self-described “Neanderthal” of the Grand Old Party (emphasis, old) has been catching flack for admitting that he is no techno-geek. He not only did not invent the Internet, he can barely use it.

“I don’t expect to set up my own blog,” he told the New York Times reporters Adam Nagourney and Michael Cooper. The Times has learned that Mr. McCain does not text, Treo or Twitter, either.

Taken at first glance…I didn’t think this was any big deal….but of course, this is THE NY Times. Their message is ALWAYS buried in the text. Just be patient, their liberal manifesto is always revealed somewhere in the report. And by the end of the article- you know exactly where they stand….

We joke, but the serious question — and one that has occupied many of the blogs and discussion groups that Mr. McCain does not partake of — is whether the computing habits of the presumptive Republican nominee should have any bearing at all on his fitness to be commander in chief.

Impressive. The old….let’s use the ‘reverse psychology method’ to bring out our opinion. So..uh..NO NYT- YOU DON’T JOKE….you’ve been dead serious from the get-go.

Computers have become something of a cultural marker — in politics and in the real world. Proficiency with them suggests a basic familiarity with the day-to-day experience of most Americans — just as ignorance to them can suggest someone is “out of touch,” or “old.”

“We’re not asking for a president to answer his own e-mail,” said Paul Saffo, a Silicon Valley futurist who teaches at Stanford. “We’re asking for a president who understands the context of what e-mail means.”


What kind of liberal pop pscho-babble bulls*** is that? No Saffo the Future Idiot, the mere fact that McCain used the term ‘BLOG’ may give you some indication he might have used emails once or twice. But understanding: ‘the context of what email means’?

What the hell kind of nonsense is that? When you throw a bottle (with a message in it) into the ocean- do you understand the context of what: ‘message in a bottle’ means?

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