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Iraq, Turkey, India…It Doesn’t Matter

Posted by redsatellite on July 28, 2008

Leftwing democrats and the liberal Media will tell you that the United States brought terrorism to Iraq. That it was ALL OUR FAULT. By engaging Muslim psychopaths, we brought it on ourselves. Yeah…well…they always seem to ignore a little bit of this…

The death toll from two weekend explosions in Turkey rose to 17 Monday after a wounded person died, the state news agency said. The blasts Sunday injured at least 154 others, the Anadolu news agency reported. Among the dead was a three-year-old child, it said.

and MOST of that.

Over the past several years, terrorist attacks in India have become an everyday presence in everyday places. The targets seem to have nothing in common except that they are ordinary and brazenly easy to strike.

And, in the most recent attack, 17 back-to-back explosions struck shoppers and strollers on Saturday evening in Ahmedabad in western India, and then two blasts hit the very hospitals where the wounded and their relatives rushed for help, killing 49 people and wounding more than 200.

Much of the problem with liberals and the Main Stream Media…of course…is their reluctance to identify and EXCORIATE the Islamic murderers. Typically, they will headline how many died…how many victims’ lives were ruined. But blame? Oh….well heck..they can’t do that! That would inflame the Muslims.

Boo hoo. Wah.

In the news report from Turkey, CNN chose to tell us who the killers might be in Paragraph 12. In the post from India, the NY Times barely even mention who the KNOWN killers are…whispering to us in paragraph 11! Not in the HEADLINE or the leading paragraph…

…paragraph ELEVEN.

In the past, we’ve seen terrorism in the UK, Spain, Canada, Philippines and a host of Non-Muslim countries. The brutal violence senseless- their reasons obscure and ridiculous. And yet liberals will blame everyone BUT THEM.

So….let’s face it…blaming the U.S. is a canard. And a liberal non-sequitur.

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