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Who’s Your Daddy Mexico

Posted by redsatellite on May 23, 2008

What with Juan McAmnesty employing Juan Hernandez in his campaign and George Bush doing all he can to send hundreds of MILLIONS of $$$$, Mexico is on a roll. In a violent leftwing corrupt country like El Me-he-co…times are good.

A southern Mexican town’s 15-member police force has quit for fear of being assassinated in retaliation for a shootout with gunmen, a security official said Thursday.Zirandaro was the second town in less than two weeks to be left without its police force as Mexico’s drug cartels wage increasingly bold attacks against security forces.

On Monday, the military took over a town near Texas after all 20 of its police officers were either killed, run out of town or quit.

Uh…is Mexico doing anything about it? You silly Gringo- of course not- I just told you, Dubya is….pay attention!

President Bush’s administration has pushed Congress to approve an initial US$550 million (euro349 million) to help fight drug crime in Mexico and Central America.

Democrats and Republicans- clueless in 2008.

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