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Stick a Fork in Her- She’s DONE

Posted by redsatellite on May 12, 2008

It really is over. The Clinton campaign for the President of the United States is toast. Finished. Yes, Hillary Clinton and her quest for the Democratic nomination is done. As liberal multi-culturists love to say: Au Revoir, Ciao, Adios, Sayonara…Auf Wiedersehen!

Barack Obama erased Hillary Clinton’s once-imposing lead among superdelegates Saturday when he added more endorsements from the group of Democrats who will decide the party’s nomination for president.

Obama added superdelegates from Utah, Ohio and Arizona, as well as two from the Virgin Islands who previously had backed Clinton. The additions enabled Obama to surpass Clinton’s total for the first time in the campaign. He had picked up nine endorsements Friday.

So….unless those same Superdelegates start flip-flopping like a John Kerry on steroids, Obama lama ding dong is your Democratic nominee- and will oppose Juan McAmnesty in November.

And may the best man win- uh wait…..that’s not right- there is no best man– so may the best RINO who was once a war hero win! There….

That’s better.

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