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Freedom’s Watch Over George Soros

Posted by redsatellite on May 9, 2008

Interesting.I came across a new conservative group, that apparently, can fight the good fight against George Soros and his merry band of deep pocket liberals. Naturally, democrats…. are none-too-happy about it.


Democrats are trying to chase from the political playing field a new conservative group expected to spend tens of millions of dollars this year attacking liberal candidates. 

Billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson is the principal financial backer for the group, which has taken a major role in attacking Democratic candidates in recent special congressional elections.

Faced with the group’s deep pockets, the DCCC has fired off mail and broadcast ads highlighting Mr. Adelson’s gambling interests and ties with China, which they argue is “a country notorious for forced abortions.” Democrats this week filed a third legal challenge to the group with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). 


What kind of argument is that? So Adelson owns a casino and does business in China. So what? And his business affiliations allows you to take some kind of moral highground? Are you kidding me? Coming from the mouths of Democrats……that IGNOMINIOUS posture is rich. Filthy rich.

Hmmm…..Freedoms Watch. Love the name.

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