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Perennial Paradox

Posted by redsatellite on March 24, 2008

Whenever I speak about the UN, invariably, another oxymoron has to be introduced.Last year it was: UN Prosecution. In 2008..and ESPECIALLY in Darfur, it’s: UN Peacekeeping Force.

As Darfur smolders in the aftermath of a new government offensive, a long-sought peacekeeping force, expected to be the world’s largest, is in danger of failing even as it begins its mission because of bureaucratic delays, stonewalling by Sudan’s government and reluctance from troop-contributing countries to send peacekeeping forces into an active conflict. The force, a joint mission of the African Union and the United Nations, officially took over from an overstretched and exhausted African Union force in Darfur on Jan. 1. It now has just over 9,000 of an expected 26,000 soldiers and police officers and will not fully deploy until the end of the year, United Nations officials said.The United Nations is a feckless organization rife with pusillanimous pretenders and vitiated with corruption. Uh…did I mince words?

Ultimately, the government signed a compromise agreement with the United Nations allowing the force to operate, but Sudan was successful in insisting that the vast majority of troops come from African countries, and will be supplemented by soldiers from other regions only if suitable African troops cannot be found.This has delayed the force’s mission, because African armies are not usually able to deploy quickly with equipment and training to meet stringent United Nations standards, United Nations officials and Western diplomats said. Sudanese government officials have argued that African troops are up to the job, and that non-African troops would be seen as neocolonial interlopers.

Interlopers? ….Well HEAVENS TO GEORGE CLOONEY….we can’t have that. What to do? Uh oh…the old liberal conundrum….how do we play the Moral Authority Card without getting noticed!

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