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A Slave to Regret

Posted by redsatellite on February 28, 2008

Here we go again….

Five states did something over the past 12 months that no state had done before: expressed regret or apologized for slavery. This year, Congress, which meets in a Capitol built partly by slaves, will consider issuing its own apology.

“We’ve seen states step forward on this,” says Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, citing the resolutions of Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Alabama and New Jersey. “I’m really shocked, just shocked” that the federal government hasn’t apologized. “It’s time to do so.”

Evidently, 143 years later…”It’s time to do so.”

If slavery was abolished in 1865…exactly how many slave owners are still alive? Oh heck, let’s expand that as far as we can….exactly how many human beings who had anything EVEN REMOTELY to do with slavery are still alive?


So here’s my math. Let’s say you were the very last person to be born to a slaveowner, in 1865…and let’s make it the VERY LAST day before the U.S. freed all slaves. You with me? Now let’s say…you lived to be (let’s be generous) 103. SO 1865+103= 1968.

By my math, the last person in the United States or on earth for that matter, that could possibly be connected to slavery and drew a breath (24 hours worth) is now DEAD. 1968…..FORTY YEARS ago.

I had nothing to do with slavery. NO ONE ALIVE today did. Those who needed to apologize are in graves. Do I have to apologize to the British for killing their ancestors in the American Revolution? Do I have to apologize to surviving cows for killing their family members when I go to Burger King?

Can we move on?

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