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They’ve Got B.O.

Posted by redsatellite on February 20, 2008

Yesterday, in the Soviet Socialist Republics of Wisconsin and Hawaii, uber liberal moonbat Barack Obama had a field day. And it wasn’t even close.

Sen. Barack Obama won the Wisconsin Democratic primary and the Hawaii caucuses decisively last night, extending his winning streak to ten consecutive contests and dealing another significant blow to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose imperiled presidential candidacy now hangs on the outcome of showdowns in Ohio and Texas in two weeks.

Yep….Barack Obama. A first term senator with a wife who is proud to be an American for the FIRST TIME EVER in her life….(ostensibly…because her husband is doing so well in the primaries). Otherwise, I guess…she would still be an angry black woman.

Hmmm….rather telling don’t you think? Liberals and their ILK are never proud to be Americans. They hate what we represent, they despise our conservative values, they abhor our role in the world, they scorn capitalism, they refuse to learn from history, they promote social welfare, they believe in secular principles, they pander to the victim mentality, and worst of all….they hold in CONTEMPT anyone and anybody who believes we have to defend our country against those who would plot to destroy us.

Actually, the list goes on and on…but my post would match the length of War and Peace.

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