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Going Collegiate?

Posted by redsatellite on February 15, 2008

It’s time. Sadly…it’s time to give new meaning to a word in our English language. But first, a bit of history…..

In 1986, a Postal letter carrier in Edmond, Okla., killed 14 people. And after a decade of murders at Post Offices all over the United States, Americans decided to make it AN ADJECTIVE.

1. of or relating to the mails or the post office
2 : conducted by mail
3 : insanely or murderously violent —usually used in the phrase ‘go postal’

Shooting and killing students on campus has become an epidemic. Yesterday, at Northern Illinois University, a gunmen kills six.

A gunman dressed in black stepped from behind a curtain at the front of a large lecture hall at Northern Illinois University on Thursday and shot 21 people, six of them fatally, then shot and killed himself, said university President John Peters.

Last year at Virginia Tech, a crazed kid kills 32. At Columbine High School, in 1999, 12 kids and a teacher were gunned down. Unbelievably, schools have become the ‘new post offices’ when it comes to mass murder and mayhem. What in the name of Seung-Hui Cho is going on?

Going Collegiate?

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Posted by Mark on February 15, 2008

I don’t talk about where I live except for the occasional remark about The People’s Republic of Illinois. But days like today make me shudder.  I live not far from NIU campus, have the t-shirt and the cap, and attend the football games. It’s truly a small town school.  And, terror can strike anywhere. Even in small towns. Even where we think we are safe.

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