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The First Coming of Obama

Posted by Mark on February 11, 2008

A fascinating and frightening look inside the “cult of Obama” arising within the Liberal mainstream. Very frightening indeed.

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More Bad News From Iraq…

Posted by Mark on February 11, 2008

for Liberals, that is.   But, for Nancy Pelosi, news is only perception:

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said twice Sunday that Iraq “is a failure,” adding that President Bush’s troop surge has “not produced the desired effect.”

That’s true. For Dems, Iraq’s success is failure for them. The troop surge has most assuredly not produced the effect they desired, an Iraq more divided and deadly than ever.  As Iraq moves toward stability, the issue of Iraq for Democrats this fall truly is “lost.”

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Find The Hidden Agenda in this Article

Posted by redsatellite on February 11, 2008

I use to joke about how CNN was in bed with the terrorists. Evidently…to my extreme disgust and anger….others have been doing it for years- the Associated Press for one.

Pakistani security forces killed a top figure in the Taliban militia fighting U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan and captured four other militants Monday, a military official said. Mansoor Dadullah, brother of slain Taliban military commander Mullah Dadullah, was among five militants caught after a shootout near a seminary in southwestern Baluchistan province around 10 a.m., a local intelligence official told The Associated Press. A senior military official said Dadullah died of his wounds while being flown to a hospital with the other four injured men.

Dadullah rose in the militia’s ranks as an important commander in southern Afghanistan after his brother was killed during a military operation in Afghanistan’s Helmand province in May. Mullah Dadullah was the highest-ranking Taliban commander killed since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

But in late December, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid announced that Dadullah had been dismissed from the movement for “disobeying orders” and conducting activities “against the Taliban’s rules and regulations.” On Monday, Mujahid said Dadullah was still part of the Taliban movement, but that he was no longer an operational commander in southern Afghanistan. Mujahid said he had no comment on Dadullah’s reported capture and death.

Dadullah told the AP in a phone interview in January that he remained a Taliban commander and had asked the militia’s supreme leader Mullah Omar to dispel “rumors” of his dismissal.

[The Scene: A rundown hovel in southwest Baluchistan, Afghanistan….a cell phone rings in Mansoor Dadullah’s bedroom…the sleepy Muslim picks up the phone….]

Mansoor: Hello…..whoever this is…this better be good….
AP: Good morning young freedom fighter….top of the prayer rug to you!
Mansoor: Oh…it’s you…why you SONUVASWINE…do you know what time it is?
AP: Um….well…Daddio….I thought I would catch you before prayer…sorry.
Mansoor: You idiot….it’s at 5am…not 4…and it’s Dadullah not Daddio!
AP: Look Mr. D …sorry about that…we need your story…it’s been a week since you killed those 4 children…and the world is getting complacent again…
Mansoor: Okay…okay….I get it…bad news travels fast…and you need more.
AP: Exactly Man!
Mansoor: It’s ManSOOR!
AP: SEWER?…uh gee..that doesn’t translate too well…anyway…what you got?
Mansoor: We plan on beheading 2 Christian women tomorrow for revealing their faces at a Kabul Walmart three days ago.
AP: Really?
Mansoor: Yes… of the clerks, asked for some I.D. And when they couldn’t produce one…he asked to see their faces…..and the stupid infidels complied!
AP: Yah…but doesn’t the clerk have some fault in this?
Mansoor: You camel herding fool….it’s THEIR fault, not the clerk’s. Can’t you see that?
AP: Oh…right…got it….anyway…thanks.
Mansoor: Look….quit calling me on this number…I think the U.S. special forces are on to me.
AP: No…don’t worry Man…we checked….they’re not on to you. And besides, I’d TELL YOU if they were.

You think I’m kidding?

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