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Fighting a Terror State or Becoming a Nanny State

Posted by redsatellite on February 8, 2008

And just like that- Romney is GONE! Now…I have to make a difficult choice. Do I agree more with John McCain with his stance against Al Qaeda than I disagree  with his stance on domestic issues?

To his credit, McCain is pro-life. To his credit, John is a true patriot and loves his country. To his FETID discredit, he has bought into Gore-bal Warming, Amnesty, and Social programs.

What to do.

 My real concern is: which way is he going to act as President? If I knew for SURE, he would nominate conservative judges to the Supreme Court as President, I might even forgive some of his liberal tendencies.  For me, a conservative SCOTUS is way too important.

And in that scenario, came my answer.

We know FOR SURE, Hildebeast and Lama Obama Ding Dong will be nominating liberal jurists. And with a Demo-bat majority in Congress…it’s a slam dunk those moonbat judges would then reside on the US Supreme Court bench for the remainder of their natural socialist lives.  With John McCain…we might not…MIGHT NOT get a liberal nominee. (Granted it’s a 50/50 bet at best…but that’s better than 0/100!).

So….there you go.  Whatdya say we all learn Spanish and vote for John McCain?  ………ándele!

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