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Be Miserable And Save!

Posted by Mark on December 4, 2007

Every day…I manage to find an article- that makes me shake my head in awe. Yes. In awe! In awe of the MASSIVE time that people seem to have on their hands. To spend all their time on inane activity …..activity…like the following:

Divorce Found to Harm The Environment With Higher Energy, Water Use

Divorce is not just a family matter. It exacts a serious toll on the environment by boosting the energy and water consumption of those who used to live together, according to a study by two Michigan State University researchers.

The analysis found that cohabiting couples and families around the globe use resources more efficiently than households that have split up.

As I’ve said COUNTLESS times before…I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up. It’s liberal thinking gone wild! Yes, money and resources were expended to provide this study- and I find this absolutely and completely ASTOUNDING.

Married households use energy and water more efficiently than divorced ones because they share these resources — including lighting and heating — among more people, said Jianguo Liu, one of the paper’s co-authors.

I mean c’mon….IS THAT RICH? hmmm….if you cohabit or marry, you will likely save on electricity. Jeeeeez….let me ponder that….wow…I mean…that’s profound!

Ralph Cavanagh, a lawyer at the advocacy group Natural Resources Defense Council who has studied this issue for decades, said the findings serve as an argument for marriage and cohabitation, rather than as reason not to divorce.

For DECADES? Good God! Promise me…if I do something that ridiculous- that stupid…and spend decades doing it….promise me…you will take your loaded gun….AND SHOOT ME.

Please….just cap me- a quick shot to the back of the head.

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