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Can’t Run Can’t Hide

Posted by Mark on November 29, 2007

When I moved from California to Florida in August, I was HOPING (…okay- so more like WISHING…) the illegal immigration problem would be substantially less. Well…..uh…I would be wrong.

About 30 percent of the nearly 3.5 million immigrants living in Florida are in the country illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies said in a report released today.

Based on “the latest data collected by the Census Bureau,” the report said that the state has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations. It said that 29 percent of the state’s foreign-born population – slightly more than 1 million people – are illegal immigrants.

I recognize that I was living in a dream world. Where reality was suspended and Ozzie and Harriet were my next door neighbors. And even though the Cleavers have now been replaced by a family of 10 illegal aliens– my little world could, would, or should somehow remain in tack. But….no.

Falso- mi amigo!

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