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Shifting the Attack: Now It’s the Political Leaders Who Are Failing

Posted by Mark on November 26, 2007

Watched the Sunday Morning Talk Shows this week. The Defeatocrats can no longer deny the success of the military in Iraq, so they have moved to attacking the Iraqi government.

But, as Dennis Byrne points out, it’s a tough sell considering the goings-on here in the People’s Republic of Illinois, controlled completely by Defeatocrats:

For all of the Iraqi parliament’s flaws, I would trade it straight up for the crowd that we’ve got in Springfield. Ridiculous, you say? Then, consider what both have accomplished. First, the Illinois state government: (This space left intentionally blank.)

That’s right, nothing. Maybe the Iraq parliament hasn’t done much more but think about its challenges compared with Illinois’ crew. Iraq has to repair centuries of tyranny and brutalization. The country is split in three, marked by a centuries-long and sometimes bloody religious feud. With virtually no experience with self-government, the Iraqis are expected to come up instantly with a government and culture that respects democratic values.

The same could be said for the Congress of the United States today. What do both the Illinois Statehouse and the US Congress have in common? Both are controlled by defeatocrats.

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