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Will Kurds Get Their Way?

Posted by Mark on November 12, 2007

While Baghdad languishes in political turmoil, the Kurds to the northeast have begun to make decisions on their own.

A political agreement between Kurdish, Shia and Sunni political parties over how to share Iraq’s oil wealth is crucial to the future of Iraq’s federal structure, indeed the unity of the country itself.

Yet a draft version of a new oil law- which would give Kurds the right to sign their own oil contracts in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq- has languished for about a year in parliament in Baghdad.

So Kurds have been taking matters into their own hands. This week, the Kurdistan Regional Government signed seven new contracts with foreign production companies to develop oil and gas fields in their territory. This is the second big round of contracts signed by the Kurds, and has been met with complaints from Baghdad and Washington, as well as much speculation in the media as to whether or not these oil deals would help fuel the push for Kurdish independence.

Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and Shiastan- that’s the reality we should be addressing.

One Response to “Will Kurds Get Their Way?”

  1. Mark said

    While the contract will likely stand, it’s unlikely the Kurds will get independence anytime soon. Kurdistan would have to function much like Israel, surrounded by hostile Islamic countries; a thorn in the Arab side.

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