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Senate Kills the Dream

Posted by Mark on October 25, 2007

BLESSEDLY, the Senate has killed the Dream….again.

The Senate yesterday blocked the Dream Act, a bill to legalize illegal-alien students — the second major immigration bill to be stopped this year and a signal that this Congress is too stalemated to pass any bill that offers a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

“A lot of senators concluded that from the last vote: Citizenship is not on the table anymore,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, who led the opposition to the Dream Act and who said the failure earlier this year of President Bush’s broad legalization bill has fundamentally moved the debate toward the right.

Yesterday’s vote was 52-44, with supporters falling eight votes shy of the 60 needed to bring the bill to the floor. Supporters said they couldn’t overcome the “bigotry and hatred” that have dominated the debate over the past few months.

“This debate has changed. What has happened is there are people who are using this issue politically and creating a lot of fear,” said Sen. Richard J. Durbin, the Illinois Democrat who sponsored the Dream Act. “It’s about confusion, distortion, vitriol.”

No you TWIT…it’s about Americans not paying for illegals and not rewarding them for breaking the law! And don’t you love the name of this piece of legislation- “The Dream Act”?

Fortunately, the Senate stomped on the dream. The only one who gets to have a Dream is Martin Luther King. The rest of you liberal blowhards should realize this Dream Act….. is a NIGHTMARE.

2 Responses to “Senate Kills the Dream”

  1. Mark said

    Confusion, distortion, vitriol. Yep. That pretty much describes the senior Senator from Illinois to a tee. Let’s hope the “dream” is really dead.

  2. cube said

    Whew. I must admit I was a little worried about the crowd of vacillating RINOs.

    I think they called it the Dream Act because it would’ve fulfilled the dems dream of having
    tons of new liberal voters. The free-stuff electorate is an ever-growing group.

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