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Let’s Talk Turkey: Pelosi’s War

Posted by Mark on October 16, 2007

The 20th Century began with promise. In the West, the belief that man had overcome war, and that the new century would usher in a Golden Age was popular. Even the conflagration known as “The War to End All Wars” didn’t completely dash the optimistic view that the 20th Century would see Man go from triumph to triumph. It took Hitler, Stalin and another World War to finally end the delusion. Now we know the sad legacy of the 20th Century was genocide, war, and rumor of war.

There were harbingers of what the new Century would bring, if only the men born in the 19th Century had the eyes to see. Ninety years ago, the Ottoman Empire entered World War I on the side of the Central Powers. As a part of this war, the Empire slaughtered thousands of Armenians within its borders. Far from being a forgotten chapter of history, the Armenian genocide is second only to the Holocaust as the most researched incident of its kind. And, like the Holocaust, the emotions it evokes are painful even today. The emotions evoked are not from the survivors, however. Nor are the emotions evoked from the perpetrators. Both survivors and perpetrators have been dead for awhile. Remember, what we are talking about occurred from 1915 to 1918, ninety years ago!

Considering the amount of research, the number of countries (and states in the U.S.) that have already passed resolutions condemning this event of the early 20th Century, why would the Defeatocrats pick the now to bring it to a vote in Congress? Why would Nancy Pelosi, at a time when Turkey is already massing troops on the Iraqi border, choose to further outrage a staunch ally of the United States, and a primary staging area for the Iraqi front of World War IV?

There can really only be one reason. The Iraqi front is going our way. Al Qaeda is on the run, in what Osama Bin Laden himself called the Central Front against the Infidels. We are winning. And an American victory in Iraq is a defeat for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party. As Thomas Sowell puts it:

Too many Democrats in Congress have gotten into the habit of treating the Iraq war as President Bush’s war — and therefore fair game for political tactics making it harder for him to conduct that war.

In a rare but revealing slip, Democratic Congressman James Clyburn said that an American victory in Iraq “would be a real big problem for us” in the 2008 elections.

Unwilling to take responsibility for ending the war by cutting off the money to fight it, as many of their supporters want them to, Congressional Democrats have instead tried to sabotage the prospects of victory by seeking to micro-manage the deployment of troops, delaying the passing of appropriations — and now this genocide resolution that is the latest, and perhaps lowest, of these tactics.

Nancy Pelosi’s war, the war being waged by one of the two major American Parties of the early 21st Century, is against the United States. Is this not the very definition of Treason?

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Posted by Mark on October 16, 2007

Meanwhile, in Ankara…we seem to have a situation brewing. Yah, if you didn’t know that, don’t feel bad- you’re not alone.

The Turkish government will seek parliamentary approval for a military operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, a government spokesman said Monday, taking action on one of two major issues straining relations with Washington.

[Government Spokesman] Cicek insisted the only target was the rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as the PKK.

“We have always respected the sovereignty of Iraq, which is a friendly and brotherly country to us,” Cicek said. “But the reality that everyone knows is that this terrorist organization, which has bases in the north of Iraq, is attacking the territorial integrity of Turkey and its citizens.”

The statement appeared to be aimed at reassuring Iraq’s central government as well as Iraqi Kurds, who run their own administration in northern Iraq.

Fighting along the border with Iraq was reported over the weekend, where Turkey’s military said it “responded heavily” to attacks from northern Iraq by Kurdish fighters on Friday.

Oil prices rose Monday, partly reflecting concerns over a conflict that could open up a new front in the Iraq war. Light, sweet crude for November delivery hit a new high of $85.19 a barrel before retreating in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, midafternoon in Europe.

And that’s why I thought I should bring this ‘situation’ – to your ATTENTION. At $85 a barrel…uh….filling up your tank….just got a lot more expensive– because in the world of oil, perception IS REALITY.

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