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Media Dishonesty

Posted by Mark on October 8, 2007

Here’s a list of over a hundred examples of journalistic lying, plagiarism, and bias. Byron York has even more on the “non-partisan” website Media Matters. Non-partisan and non-political are most assuredly NOT synonyms for the folks at Media Matters. They are both partisan and avowedly political, yet as tax free as the Red Cross. Sigh.

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The Age of Stupidity

Posted by Mark on October 8, 2007

There is the Age of Reason and of Innocence. There were the Dark Ages, the Ice Age, and the Stone Age. Well….get ready. We are about to enter: the Age of Stupidity.

State movements to draft Al Gore for a presidential bid are strengthening, with his fans from Iowa to California pledging not to give up and saying they are undeterred by the former vice president’s insistence that he won’t run.

As speculation mounts about whether he will win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, supporters in California today will start collecting signatures to put his name on the Feb. 5 ballot, timed with a Gore speech in the Bay Area.

Reports out of Oslo suggest that the Democrat is a favorite to win the Nobel for his work on climate change, an accolade that will likely reignite calls for his candidacy.

Should Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday…the Age of Stupidity officially starts. Millions of reasonably intelligent people will be able to look back years from now, and declare with certainty, that this Friday was the SEMINAL MOMENT when the Age of Stupidity began.

How else can you explain it? This self-proclaimed inventor of the internet, who flies around in a greenhouse-inducing private jet, who uses more electricity and energy to heat his mansion(s) each month than the average American uses in a year is annointed by his kingdom as a true visionary and lauded as a genius of our times.

And nothing could be further from the truth.

Hmmm….I won’t mince words here: Al Gore is an ignorant lout. A Philistine deplete of synapse and cognition. A pompous blowhard that would’ve done well in the mid 1800s selling snake oils and elixirs on stage at county fairs.

Monica Friedlander of national Draft Gore said the group has more than 128,000 petition requests for Mr. Gore to run, and expects more buzz if he wins the Nobel.

The Age of Stupidity. Seriously, mark this Friday as the likely beginning.

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