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Leaving California Was The Best Decision Ever

Posted by Mark on September 28, 2007

Most everyone I speak to these days, wants to know why I left California. When I arrived in California in 1985, I thought I had found paradise. When I drove out of there, two months ago, I thought I was escaping Hell.

There is no more SHINING EXAMPLE of why I did, than what is transpiring in San Francisco this week:

Organizers of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair — sponsored by Miller Brewing Co. – have come up with a bizarre and offensive poster to promote the self-described “world’s largest leather event”. The poster depicts Christ and His disciples as leather clad homosexual sadomasochists and instead of sharing bread and wine they are shown with a table full of sex toys.

An S&M Last Supper…..uh…ya…if you are at a loss for words- you’re not alone.

Yes, I realize this possibly could happen somewhere else in America. I might’ve been born at night- but it wasn’t last night. But there is MORE to this story (and in California, trust me, there is ALWAYS more to the story)….and absolutely one of the most important reasons why I had had enough of these vile moonbats, loons, and leftwing moral relativists.

If you pay taxes or stay at a hotel in the city/county of San Francisco, Calif., some of your money is going toward the homosexual “leather” event being held in the area this weekend. That fact led a conservative activist to state that the festival’s government and corporate sponsors have gotten into the “perversion business.”

The Folsom Street Fair, which is expected to draw more than 300,000 people from around the world on Sunday, lists among its “Supporting Sponsors” two government departments: Grants for the Arts and SF Environment.

Enough already.

Yes…your taxes. Had I been visiting the city of San Francisco this weekend, showing my family the sights and staying at a local hotel, I would’ve been paying for this disturbing bacchanalia. Granted Orlando and Disney World, may not be the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’- but I certainly feel BETTER about where my taxes go.

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