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The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Posted by Mark on September 24, 2007

The Bush Derangement Syndrome, known in the medical field as BDS, is a disease NOT of the body…but of the mind. Clearly, the disease has become an epidemic. How else do you explain this:

A four word editorial with a four letter word in it is sparking a spirited discussion on free speech at Colorado State University. The Rocky Mountain Collegian published an editorial on page 4 of the paper Friday which read “Taser this … F*** Bush.”

The expletive was spelled out.

I think we all ‘GET’ the free speech part of this story. We do. I will defend to the death, your right to say anything you want. But does a malevolent pejorative HEADLINE like that in a major college newspaper actually advance your protest?

What makes it worse, the editor who wrote that opinion tried to use a contemporary event to make it ‘hip, catchy’ and ‘current’. (If you haven’t seen or heard of the “Don’t Taser Me Bro’ video making the rounds, well…you’ve been asleep for the last 72 hours.)

The editorial comes fresh on the heels of freedom of speech issues that arose from the Tasering of a Florida student at a Sen. John Kerry speech. Collegian Editor David McSwane said a group of seven student editors discussed the statement for several hours before agreeing to publish it.

The Associated Press Saturday reported the student newspaper has lost $30,000 in advertising and had to cut pay and other budgets by 10 percent because of fallout.

“We felt it illustrated our point about freedom of speech,” McSwane told 7NEWS. “I think we could write 250 words and ramble on and I don’t think anyone would pay attention.” In a letter to the University Community and Collegian readers, McSwane wrote, “While the editorial board feels strongly with regard to First Amendment issues, we have found the unintended consequences of such a bold statement to be extremely disheartening.”


You basically told the President of the United States- F.U. And you’re ‘disheartened’ that people object? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is where liberals have a COMPLETE disconnect with reality.

If Colorado and colleges seem to ring a bell with you…well think: Ward Churchill. A-ha! (Now you remember, huh?) The poison that infects our college campuses today runs rampant and unimpeded. And I’m not sure what can be done to change this destructive behavior. Oh yah-by the by, AhmadineJIHAD will likely be speaking to Columbia University today. He is now more welcome there and in Colorado than our own President.

I find that profoundly disturbing, reprehensible, and irresponsible.


3 Responses to “The Law Of Unintended Consequences”

  1. Jenn said

    The absolute failure of people like this editor to realize that freedom of speech is not freedom of those listening to it to accept it or like it almost makes me laugh.

    That they did lose sponsors should make him very proud. I mean he eneabled those people to excersize their freedom to not do business with him and his leftwing rag.

  2. Zaphriel said

    I see this as a complete success of Freedom of Speech and the freemarket society working in tandem. both were upheld, and if they were left alone, self correct.

  3. Would I hire him in my newsroom? Not a chance. Not because he’s an inarticulate freak. Not because his vocabulary seems woefully limited. Not because he’s apparently incapable of original thought. Not because he’s a heckler who prefers to stand at the back of the crowd and shout profanity instead of leading a crowd to a positive conclusion. Not because he’s heckling Bush (I’d feel the same if it was Hillary or Obama.) Not because he showed disrespect for his publisher and his community. Not because he can’t seem to surrender his knee-jerk politics to the greater purpose of writing wisdom.

    But because he seems to have no ability to step back from his narcissism and say something that’s worth the price of ink and dead trees. This masturbatory little punk put himself first, not his readers.

    I won’t consume any more of your bandwidth. I blogged more fully about this at Under The News

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