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Space Tourism: Sooner Than You Think

Posted by Mark on September 17, 2007

It’s coming, folks. Space Tourism will soon be a reality.

I know, I know. How in the world can I be talking about space tourism when so much more is going on? Easy. Space is where we are headed. The resources available on the Moon, Mars, and even the Asteroid belt will change the world economy in ways we can’t even imagine. And the hope for space travel lies with the private sector, not the bloated bureaucracies of government space programs like NASA.

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Uh…Pardon Moi…Did You Say WAR Mon Ami?

Posted by Mark on September 17, 2007

Ever read a headline that makes you do a DOUBLE TAKE? Yah…well I stumbled across one this morning. I kid you not, and it came from a French minister– no less!

France: Prepare for war over Iran

France’s foreign minister warned Sunday that the world should prepare for war if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and said European leaders were considering their own economic sanctions against the Islamic country.

Negotiations and two sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions have failed to persuade Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program, a process that can produce fuel for nuclear power plants as well as material used in atomic weapons.

Iran insists its atomic activities are aimed only at producing energy, but the U.S., its European allies and other world powers suspect Iranian authorities of seeking nuclear weapons.

Let’s remember this moment, shall we?

Uh…just in case Pelosi and her merry band of idiots inside the Democratic Party begin accusing George Dubya of inciting a war with Iran. This assessment came from France. Yah…those brawling warmongers, the French. Whose national flag is one large field of SOLID WHITE.

And is only raised and lowered during conflict with others.

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