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Wiretapping Is A Good Thing

Posted by Mark on September 7, 2007

The U.S. did what it was suppose to do….they wiretapped conversations between suspicious men who were plotting and planning to blow up PEOPLE and BUILDINGS. My reaction? …outstanding!

A U.S. intelligence intercept of suspicious communications between Pakistan and Stuttgart was the initial break that ultimately led to the arrest this week of three suspected Muslim militants accused of plotting massive car bomb attacks here against Americans, U.S. and German officials said Thursday.

The communications detected last year referred to apparent terrorist activity, the German and U.S. officials said in interviews. The German officials characterized the communications as specific and alarming. All the officials asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

American authorities passed the lead to German police, who conducted a painstaking investigation that led to the arrests of the three suspects, two of whom are German converts to Islam. Police here suspected that militants were communicating with Pakistan from an Internet cafe, a frequent strategy to avoid detection, but they did not know which one. So they deployed surveillance teams at several dozen Internet cafes around the city, officials said.

You can hate FISA and you can rant and rave all you want about the intrusion on your privacy and loss of freedom, but when it saves your LIFE…..well okay…maybe it’s not so bad afterall. In fact, the next time I call Islamabad, Pakistan from an internet cafe in Dearborn, Michigan- I HOPE THE NSA AND THE CIA ARE LISTENING.


5 Responses to “Wiretapping Is A Good Thing”

  1. Ben said

    The intercepts were on calls from Germany to Pakistan, and thus not subject to FISA.

    Liberals don’t challenge the necessity of spying on foreign to foreign communications. The NSA has been doing that since its founding in 1952, with no peep of complaint from anyone.

    It is illegal domestic wiretapping in violation of the law that is the problem.

    For you to conflate the two is pretty shameless.

    Or maybe you didn’t know any better.

    You know now.

  2. If wiretapping phone calls to locations outside the country isn’t legitimate for the federal government, I can’t imagine what is!

  3. Craig said

    Thanks for your opine Ben.
    Yes I know that FISA doesn’t play here. I thought it an OPPORTUNE time to talk about it. That’s why I suggested having my call monitored from Dearborn,MI to Islamabad.

  4. dogotek said

    Illegal wire taps are just that. Illegal! Only a coward will give up freedom for the false appearance of safety. Don’t run and Hide. I will protect you!

  5. Angel said

    Amen bro!..let them listen away…poor Defeatocrats ..worrying about Gitmo and pple spying on their email!..pfft!

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