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Sign You Up?

Posted by Mark on August 23, 2007


Apparently, there are millions of Americans who are miserable. And if you are one of those miserable Americans, I hope you can read the signs.

How much do Americans hate their jobs? A Gallup poll found that about 77% of Americans hate their jobs. Another found Americans hate their jobs more than in the past 20 years; fewer than half say they’re satisfied. Other surveys have found that 87% of Americans don’t like their jobs.

The author identifies the 3 signs of job misery.

The first is anonymity, which is the feeling that employees get when they realize that their manager has little interest in them a human being and that they know little about their lives, their aspirations and their interests.

The second sign is irrelevance, which takes root when employees cannot see how their job makes a difference in the lives of others. Every employee needs to know that the work they do impacts someone’s life – a customer, a co-worker, even a supervisor – in one way or another.

The third sign is something I call immeasurement, which I realize isn’t actually a word. It’s the inability of employees to assess for themselves their contribution or success. Employees who have no means of measuring how well they are doing on a given day or in a given week, must rely on the subjective opinions of others, usually their managers, to gauge their progress or contribution.

With that many people unhappy…it’s no wonder….Misery loves company.

2 Responses to “Sign You Up?”

  1. ann said

    You hit the nail on the head! Americans work for companies who consider them fungible. I’m not a widget!


  2. cube said

    They don’t call it work for nothing. Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have dream jobs so we must make the best of whatever we do for remuneration.

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