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America the Beautiful

Posted by Mark on June 30, 2007

Sometimes the irony of life is so rich, you can’t put a price tag on it. You just can’t. News flash: Apparently, Michael Moore was bumped from the Larry King show the other night. For a bigger – more famous, MORE IMPORTANT guest. Yep………Paris Hilton.

Filmmaker Michael Moore said he was barred from the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday for an interview on his documentary on the U.S. health-care system, a day after he was bumped from a national TV interview to make way for Paris Hilton.

Standing outside the Stock Exchange in Manhattan’s financial district, Moore told reporters a planned interview with CNBC on the exchange floor was moved outside the building because the network told him the exchange would not let him inside.

On Wednesday, his appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” was postponed for the first post-jail interview with Hilton, a reality TV star and hotel heiress. Moore is now scheduled to appear on the show on Friday night.

“Having been bumped from Larry King last night for Paris Hilton, I am beginning to take things personally,” said Moore, whose film “SiCKO” — which criticizes corporate interests behind the U.S. health-care system — opens on Friday. “The priorities in this country are seriously askew.”

Seriously askew? Uh, let me see if I have this right…

You’re a liberal moonbat and quasi-socialist who decides to violate U.S. law and the U.S. State Department and fly to Cuba. You take a few sick 9/11 Ground Zero victims with you in an effort to compare superior Cuban socialized medicine with the horrible medical care system we have. When you finish, you run around promoting it- knowing millions of Americans will pay money to go see your movie. Afterall, we all want to know how disastrous life is, here in America, and can’t wait to fork over 10 bucks to find out.

Meanwhile, vacuous socialite and poor misunderstood Paris Hilton gets released from her 2 week stay in jail. Larry King chooses to interview Paris and hear her sob story RATHER THAN listen to a 1 hour non-stop promo of your attack on American health care.

Decisions, decisions!

So then, you decide to pimp your movie on CNBC on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. Of course, you fail to tell anyone at the exchange that you want to VISIT. When the NYSE doesn’t allow you to enter, you scream to the world, that our ‘priorities are seriously askew’!

Yep. Got it.

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