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Amnesty is Back On The Table

Posted by Mark on June 26, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe to speak English again- uh…NOT SO FAST amigo!

Two and a half weeks after the push for immigration reform collapsed on Capitol Hill, the Senate today narrowly voted to revive the controversial legislation.The procedural vote passed 64 to 35, just four votes over the 60 required.

The move doesn’t guarantee that a law to change national policy on the millions of legal and illegal immigrants will follow, but the much anticipated action breathed new life into a legislative campaign deemed vital to President Bush and the Senate Democratic leadership, both of which worked hard to round up the votes to resuscitate the congressional immigration debate.

Sonuva…..! Or is that ‘hijo de madre absuelto’ ? Ah…jeez, I forget which.

Twenty-four Republicans joined 39 Democrats and one independent in voting to begin debate; 24 Republicans, 9 Democrats and one independent voted no.

Those 24 should be shot. And I don’t mean a shot of Tequila.

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