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Bottled Water Causes Global Warming

Posted by Mark on June 23, 2007

I know I should leave the issue of Global Warming alone….but…I just can’t. The proproganda from the left is RELENTLESS. You can not pick up a paper or read a newspaper online without their obligatory reminder- it is INUNDATING. It is massive in scope and FEROCITY. There is no escaping the constant cacophony.


Citing environmental concerns, Mayor Gavin Newsom has issued an executive order prohibiting city departments from buying bottled water. In a decision announced Thursday, Newsom said the ban would take effect July 1 and extend to all city and county water coolers by Dec. 1.

Tony Winnicker, spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, said Newsom’s decision would save taxpayer money and combat global warming.

See what I mean? The other day, I told you that Global Warming caused the genocide in Darfur. Today, it’s bottled water.

Mark my words, one day soon….the NY Times will announce that the massive immigration problem we face, has been a direct result of illegal aliens fleeing the OPPRESSIVE heat of Mexico for the chill and cool of the United States.

I’m serious.

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