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Ice Ice Baby

Posted by Mark on June 21, 2007

A few days ago, Ban Ki-Moon- UN Secretary and idiot savant without the savant– declared that Global Warming had caused the genocide in Darfur. Uh-huh.

Well…heck…it gets better.

Just when you thought all was lost- seems icebergs may come to the rescue. (Better get a beer from the fridge….you’re gonna love this one.)

Proliferating icebergs may ease global warming

An increase in drifting ice is creating a vast new ecosystem of plankton, krill and seabirds that may absorb some of the carbon dioxide that drives up temperatures.

Ladies and gentlemen- I KID YOU NOT. For the 1,000,679th time, I couldn’t possibly make this kind of stuff up. That’s why I always reference the source. I mean…c’mon…is that a hoot or what?

Heck….I’m in such a good mood, I may go hug a PENGUIN.

The ecosystems use photosynthesis to take carbon from the atmosphere and convert it into plant life and other forms of organic carbon that can be held in the ocean.

Now now….liberals…what to do….should you express denial? outrage? yah but? I’m waiting for your pseudo-perspicacious response in 5….4….3….2….

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“I Like Hillary…”

Posted by Mark on June 21, 2007

…but she was unable to say why. The two nurses were at lunch, and I just happened to be at the next table. I couldn’t jump in to their conversation, though I really, really wanted to. I just listened. As I listened, I thought about this article from Byron York. Great piece, refreshing my memory on why I don’t trust Hillary. We will see more of this kind of thing, as Hillary trounces Obama next year. Hopefully, my “I like Hillary” co-worker will see it.

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