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Posted by Mark on June 13, 2007

Cry me a river. Oh yah, and find someone who gives a rat’s a**. It appears the Palestinians are CONTINUING to kill each other. Poor ‘whittle’ Palis, all alone, in this horrible world. What’s the Main Stream Media…is just now realizing it.

Palestinian fighting ‘will burn all of us,’ official says

Rival factions killed more than two dozen people Tuesday in bitter fighting that has left Gaza sliding into chaos, Palestinian officials said. As Fatah radio called on fighters to confront Hamas militants and broadcasts from Hamas fighters urged their Fatah foes to abandon their posts or face death, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appealed in vain for a cease-fire.

“If anybody thinks that we will be a winner out of this fire, I think they’re wrong,” said Palestinian official Saeb Erakat. “If this fire continues, it will burn all of us. Nobody stands to gain anything.”

Hmmm…and years into the bloodshed, the mayhem, the chaos, the death and destruction– and you’re just now REALIZING THIS YOU MORON? If you’re that stupid and you want to live like animals…then animals you will be.

For a picture of a Palestinian…please refer to your dictionary. And look up the word CANCER.

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