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Get Ready To Laugh

Posted by Mark on June 4, 2007

Be careful. Make sure you have no food or liquids in your mouth. Uh…no, I’m not kidding. Vladimir Putin is making this claim:

I’m the world’s only true democrat, says Putin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has described himself as the world’s only “pure” democrat and attacked the United States and Europe, which have criticized him, for falling short of their own ideals.

In an interview with Western media released on Monday, he rejected Western criticism that he has centralized power in the Kremlin, marginalized the opposition and increased state control over the media.

Asked whether he agreed with former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s description of him as an “impeccable democrat”, Putin replied laughing.

Of course I am an absolute, pure democrat. But you know the problem? It’s not even a problem, it’s a real tragedy. The thing is that I am the only one, there just aren’t any others in the world.”

Oh…how funny! (We’re all just doubled over from the levity and jocularity.) Is he DELUSIONAL? Has Putin been drinking Kozak Kool-aid? He’s a former KGB thug- and an autocrat who likes to poison anyone who opposes him.

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