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Anarchists Want To Live In Another World- Let’s Let Them!

Posted by Mark on June 2, 2007

Meanwhile, over in Germany….according to the ANARCHISTS and the demented protestors there- ‘Another World is Possible’. Yah…is that a hoot? No kidding- that’s their motto.

Masked demonstrators protesting the upcoming G-8 summit meeting hurled stones and flagpoles at police on Saturday, a spokeswoman said, describing a scene of chaos in the harbor of this northern port city.

Some 13,000 police were on hand, and authorities said about 30,000 protesters had come for the daylong demonstration under the motto “another world is possible.”

“There are massive assaults on police officers at the city’s harbor right now,” said Cordula Feichtinger, a police spokeswoman. “The situation is currently very chaotic and we have to get it under control before I can tell you how many people have been arrested.”

Yah. In their world, they wear MASKS and attack police.

“The world shaped by the dominance of the G-8 is a world of war, hunger, social divisions, environmental destruction and barriers against migrants and refugees,” organizers said in leaflets handed out on the streets.

I think I’ll stick to my world.

It’s much safer- I’m well fed, I socialize with most everyone, and I tend to get along with police.

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