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“Tommorrow, Tommorrow, I’ll Love Ya…”

Posted by zaphriel on June 1, 2007


This is just too easy.

I have a vizion of tommorrow two ware peepol get a gooder edjucation. Maybe eye can wurk fore a prezidential candydate sumday to.

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Bush Has Gone to the Dark Side

Posted by Mark on June 1, 2007

There really is no other way to put it. Dubya has come down with the dreaded disease…the disease known as liberalism. Let’s review the INDICATORS, shall we?

-Iran/US nuclear dialogue. Are you kidding me- discuss what?
-Immigration Bill. Amnesty for criminal behavior
-Global Warming. Yes, this just in- get a load of this….

President Bush sought yesterday to take the initiative on global warming talks in which the administration had previously been a reluctant participant, offering to launch negotiations aimed at having the world’s most prolific polluters agree on long-term goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The proposal, which Bush unveiled in a speech outlining his priorities for the Group of Eight summit in Germany next week, signaled a shift in the administration’s often-criticized approach to combating global warming while offering what the president called a “new framework” for addressing the issue.

Apparently, he has bought into the global warming SCAM. But guess what George- the liberals will ALWAYS hate you.

Why do this?

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