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My New Cause Celeb. Healthcare.

Posted by zaphriel on May 30, 2007

I’ll just point this one out to start.

Moore’s Myths

These myths about the uninsured are unjustified. We know how many Americans overall were satisfied with their medical care. But what about just the uninsured? How badly were they suffering? At my request, Kaiser did provide some additional statistics from the survey.

Only 2 percent of Americans are both uninsured and “very dissatisfied” with “the quality of the health care that [they] receive.” Another 2 percent were both uninsured and “somewhat dissatisfied.”

Myths aside, the vast majority of the uninsured were not only getting medical care, they were actually satisfied with their health care.

2 Responses to “My New Cause Celeb. Healthcare.”

  1. Great Post!

    Real American’s don’t need health insurance.
    We got the National Guard to take care of the War on Sickness.

  2. Craig said

    DH D,
    What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

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