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And As the World Spirals…

Posted by Mark on May 30, 2007

…I’ve discovered online Poker. Specifically, Full Tilt Having spent the weekend in bed with pneumonia, I’ve found the only shows on TV worth watching were nature shows (Sorry, there is only so much insect mating I can watch in one weekend) and lots and lots of poker. So, I’ve become a member of Full Tilt Poker. So far, only using play money, but eventually…(insert evil laughter here.)

4 Responses to “And As the World Spirals…”

  1. Careful Careful of the online poker bug. when it bites it bites hard and fast.

  2. Craig said

    Hey Mark,
    Let us know how you are doing from time to time…especially if you start playing for money. I’ve thought about jumping into it, but figured I would get addicted and….and….
    well….land up homeless.

  3. Zaphriel said

    I do it but only with play money… can’t get to the real stuff…. bad mojo… internet and real gaming….

  4. Mark said

    Tony, I’ve already got big ‘ole bite marks all over. 🙂

    I’ll let folks know over the next few weeks how I’m doing.

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