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The Perfect Example of Liberalism vs. Reality

Posted by Mark on May 29, 2007

I had to chuckle. Okay…so it bordered on-UNINTERRUPTED peals of laughter. Seems, the LA Times was revisiting Haight-Ashbury. Oh yah! So…how are the hippies doing? The counter-culture? It’s been almost 40 years….how goes it?

From his second-floor apartment at the counterculture crossing of Haight and Ashbury streets, Arthur Evans watches a new generation of wayward youth invade his free-spirited neighborhood.The former flower child was among the legions of idealistic wanderers who migrated here during the Vietnam War to “tune in, turn on and drop out.”

But Evans, who has lived at the same address for 34 years, says he has never seen anything like this crowd, who use his flower bed as a bathroom and sell pot outside his window. They’re known as gutter punks, these homeless kids with dirty dreadlocks and nose rings, lime-green mohawks and orange spray-painted faces, who panhandle with cardboard signs that riff on their lifestyles. “Please Help Us Get Un-Sober,” one reads. Another: “Please Give Us Weed, Beer or Money.”

Sometimes aggressive, they block sidewalks as they strum guitars or bang on bongos. Gangs of them skateboard down the middle of Haight Street. Some throw used hypodermic needles into a nearby pond they call Hep-C Lake. Evans, 64, says they should get help, clean up or go home.”I used to be a hippie. I wore beads and grew my hair long,” he said.

“But my generation had something these kids do not: a standard of civilized behavior.”

I mean…COME ON…is that rich? The hippies of the 60’s could ‘tune in, turn on and drop out’….claiming they were doing it in a CIVILIZED MANNER??

What a bunch of happy horse****.

One Response to “The Perfect Example of Liberalism vs. Reality”

  1. cube said

    I love it. Payback can be a real bummer, dude.

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