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Robert E. Webber: I’ll Miss You Bob

Posted by Mark on May 2, 2007


No one rattled my theological cage like Bob Webber in his Christian Traditions class at Wheaton College. Being a Southern Baptist who married a Roman Catholic, I thought I knew about different traditions. Of course, I also “knew” that my tradition was the “right”one, and it was only a matter of time before my wife came around to my way of thinking. 🙂

Bob threw cold water on both those assumptions, and then carefully, thoughtfully started me and my wife on The Canterbury Trail. We are happily involved at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Geneva IL. Both our children were baptized there. And it all started in Christian Traditions, with Bob Webber shaking the bars of my theological cage, and then helping me open the lock and escaping.

That’s what Bob did so well. He will always be my favorite “heretic,” and I’ll miss him greatly.

Christianity Today has a wonderful article on Bob. You can find it here.

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