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The Face of Retreat

Posted by Mark on April 27, 2007

Dem Candidates 4.27.07.jpg

’nuff said.

3 Responses to “The Face of Retreat”

  1. D. Ox said


  2. Craig said

    I suspect my friends Mark and Matt won’t tolerate this level of vitriole for very long- uh…just a wild guess on my part.

    I’m curious- do you always speak this well?

  3. Mark said

    Actually, Pat is done. Further comments from this troll will be marked as spam, and deleted. There was a time when I had patience for idiots, hoping that tolerance and longsuffering would work to soften their unreasoning hatred, and that dialogue was still possible. It isn’t.

    Anyone who has read LJiC for any length of time knows that we welcome folks with other opinions. We don’t welcome, and don’t tolerate, profanity, or lack of thought. Pat has proven himself a troll. Sad, as his blog was actually fairly well written, and would have made a nice addition to LJiC’s blogroll in time.

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