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The Face of Retreat

Posted by Mark on April 27, 2007

Dem Candidates 4.27.07.jpg

’nuff said.

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For El Presidente….Pick Uno

Posted by Mark on April 27, 2007

I’ve got to stop reading the newspaper- online or not. It only makes me reach for blood pressure medicine. If you need some, let me know. Here’s a good one for you:

The city has settled a federal lawsuit alleging it did not provide enough assistance to Spanish-speaking voters at polling places, the mayor’s office said Thursday.

In the settlement, city officials said they have appointed a Spanish-language coordinator to monitor compliance, expanded the bilingual staff at polling sites on election days and improved signs at polling places.

The settlement contains no admission of wrongdoing, city officials said.


Why should there even be A DISCUSSION of wrongdoing- you’ve done nothing wrong you pathetic morons. It’s not our fault, they can’t speak English!

Would someone please explain to me the #@%*$#! rationale- why Americans are being sued for not providing Spanish interpreters at a voting booth? What in the name of Burrito Grande has happened to my country?

Otherwise, I’m taking meds.

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