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The Esoteric LA Times

Posted by Mark on April 26, 2007

Liberal rags like the NY Times, the LA Times….the Washington Post love to have esoteric morality discussions from time to time. Today, the LA Times carried an AP article which posed the question: Execute Bin Laden? U.S. and Mexico Would.

No…I’m not kidding.

The bulk of Americans and a slim majority in Mexico want Osama bin Laden executed if caught, but most people in seven other countries would rather he spend life or many years in prison, an AP-Ipsos poll says.In all nine nations surveyed, markedly more people would choose the death penalty for the al-Qaida leader than for run-of-the-mill murderers, even in nations with little taste for capital punishment.

Americans also prefer execution over prison for murderers by greater margins than people in the other countries. Of the nine countries polled, only the U.S. and South Korea have the death penalty.

The poll underscores stark differences between the U.S. and many of its allies over the death penalty at a time when U.S. treatment of terror-war detainees – some of whom may face execution – has been a major irritant in their relations.

Leftwing newspapers love to have pretentious existentialist dialogue– it’s THEIR NATURE. They can’t help themselves. These chuckleheads continue to try and paint life as an endless pigment of gray. What an awful thing for the U.S. to do…to execute somebody… better yet, if we capture Osama…let’s give him a hug!

Look at all these OTHER civilized countries who won’t execute Osama. Their message is simple: why…oh why…is the United States such a barbaric country.

I suspect if we were to capture Osama and put him on Death Row- when we go to execute him at 12 midnight- you can bet the staff at the LA Times will be outside holding a candlelight vigil!

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  1. no bs said

    I tried saving money on TP by wiping myself with lefty papers but found them too coarse…

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