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UK Marines Crisis Escalates

Posted by Mark on March 28, 2007

Yah…seems the Brits weren’t in Iranian waters afterall. No…they were OVER a mile away. Uh…gee, I’m shocked.

Satellite tracking data shows that a group of 15 British military personnel captured by Iran last Friday never strayed outside Iraqi waters, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defence.

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett also announced Wednesday that Britain would freeze all bilateral business with Iran until the 15 personnel were released. “We are now in a new phase of diplomatic activity,” Beckett told members of parliament.

Earlier, British Vice Admiral Charles Style said the global positioning system proves the boat carrying the Britons was “clearly” 3.1 kilometers (1.7 nautical miles) inside Iraqi waters and that they were “ambushed” by the Iranian forces.

I’ll tell you what that NEW phase of diplomatic activity should be- uh Mr. Almondflavoredjihad you have 24 hours to return the British hostages, if you don’t, we will bomb you back into the Stone Age….the same age your religion so desperately wants to enjoy.

Sounds simple to me.

3 Responses to “UK Marines Crisis Escalates”

  1. Ady said

    Craig, you seem very confused about religion and about the Middle East altogether. Your head must be hurting my boy.

  2. Craig said

    Confused? Uhhhhhh…no. Quite clear actually.

  3. Zaphriel said

    Nice assertion Ady, with no back up info. Hit and run commenting just discredits you. Prove us wrong, back up your assertions. We do.

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