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Striking Out

Posted by Mark on March 27, 2007

Evidently, a grocery strike is looming AGAIN in Southern California. Yep. Three years ago, the parasites hit Ralph’s first. This time, the ignorant sycophants will be trying to bust Albertsons.

Union negotiators will head back into contract talks with Southern California’s largest supermarket chains this week armed with new leverage — the permission of Albertsons workers to call a strike.

We needed to send a message to Albertsons,” said Suzanne Castro, a clerk at a store in Oceanside. Castro said she was frustrated by the slow pace of talks.

And why do I consider unions the Anti-Christ? Here’s all you need to know:

The union said it chose Albertsons over Ralphs and Vons as the first target of a strike vote because it believes that the chain would be the least likely of the three to withstand a costly work stoppage.

In another words- Albertsons is the most vulnerable. They are the most likely food chain to CAPITULATE to the unions.

A______…every one of ’em.

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