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Posted by zaphriel on March 27, 2007

It’s all we have, really. Most of us don’t actually own anything; it’s mortgaged or has a lien against it, or is bought on credit. Even those things that we actually own, they can break, burn, or disappear in an instant. All we have is our integrity and credibility. Everything else is fleeting. This is especially true about large corporations, and more to the point, leviathan news outlets. In an Article on Fox Rick Leventhal breaks apart the New York Times greatest asset. Many of us already knew they were non-credible, but now their gall is getting the better of them. They have really bared their butts on this one.

Major Mistakes in New York Times Story About Rape in Military

We all make mistakes, right? And when we do, we have several options: we can hope no one notices; try and fix it before anyone notices; or apologize, and do our best to make it right. …
On Sunday, The New York Times admitted it made a mistake. Actually, there were multiple “corrections” on page A2, including a pet food recall that was not expanded, and providing the right telephone number for a cabaret that was reviewed.

But the biggest correction, under the heading “Editor’s Note,” wasn’t your garden variety misprint.

The Times admitted it distributed an article in the March 18 edition of its Sunday Magazine, while knowing the story contained some glaring inaccuracies. The article was about women who served in Iraq, the sexual abuse some say they endured, and their struggles in reclaiming their pre-war lives. But one of the women profiled, who said she’d been raped twice and suffered brain damage when a roadside bomb exploded next to her Humvee, was never actually IN Iraq. She lied. And, there was no roadside bomb. Readers were left to wonder if there’d been any sexual assaults.

This info was easily verifiable, a simple records review would have caught it, but in having an alterior motive, they were blinded by the “sensational story”.

“Boy will this sell papers, who cares who it hurts.” “Oh…Oops. Sorry.”

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