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UK Marines Held Captive

Posted by Mark on March 23, 2007

Iran has amped up the tension. Again.

Fifteen British Royal Marines on patrol in the Persian Gulf have been “seized” by the Iranian navy, the British Ministry of Defense said.

The personnel from the HMS Cornwall frigate were surrounded by Iranian navy vessels after completing a routine inspection of a merchant ship, the ministry said in a statement. They were then escorted by Iranian vessels into Iranian waters, it said.

That last sentence is the key. Although the word ‘escorted’ is an incredibly SILLY term to use. (But that’s CNN.compost for you)

A U.S. military official who monitors the region told CNN the Marines stopped an Iranian ship suspected of smuggling automobiles, and boarded it for an inspection.

While the Marines were on board, six Navy ships from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard showed up and claimed the British had entered Iranian waters.

This is going to be ugly.

UPDATE: Ugly indeed.

Iran says the 15 British sailors and marines seized by Iran in the Persian Gulf have confessed to trespassing into Iranian territory, the semi-official FARS News Agency reported Saturday.

Uh…if this feels strangely familiar…a bit of Deja-vu…think: USS Pueblo, 1968.

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