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Gorebal Warming

Posted by Mark on March 19, 2007

Your tax dollars at waste.

Seems Big Al will be speaking to Congress this week. Wasting everyone’s time and ENERGY with ‘Gore-bal Warming’.

Democrats, environmental activists and presidential hopefuls are angling to share the spotlight with former Vice President Al Gore this week as he comes to Capitol Hill to testify on global warming. Mr. Gore, who has made a personal crusade out of climate change, will appear Wednesday before House and Senate panels to urge Congress to attempt to halt climate change, and he expects to bring a mailbag filled with the nearly 300,000 postcards he has collected since Christmas.

You and I know that political will is a renewable resource, and enough already exists to start solving this crisis,” Mr. Gore, a Democrat, told supporters Friday in an e-mail, noting he’s collected 294,000 cards and is aiming for at least 50,000 more. “We just have to communicate that forcefully to the political leaders of our country.”

The testimony caps a lengthy stint of popularity for Mr. Gore, with headlines and buzz unmatched by any politician. Mr. Gore starred in the film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which was honored with an Oscar for Best Documentary and caused hundreds of articles to speculate on the 2000 presidential nominee’s political future and reinvigorated “Draft Gore” movements.

Taking advantage of the panel hearing are environmentalists, who will march on the Capitol as part of Climate Crisis Action Day tomorrow.


In the grand scheme of things…I rank Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, abortion-on-demand, and a HUNDRED other crises ahead of Gore-bal warming. Heck….cancer and HIV rank ahead of it.

Yes, even the threat of USC winning the NCAA tournament is above Gore-bal.

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