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Changing Tide

Posted by zaphriel on March 15, 2007

Funny how more and more scientists are finally becoming brave enough to speak up.

Danish scientist: Global warming is a myth

A Danish scientist said the idea of a “global temperature” and global warming is more political than scientific. …

“It is impossible to talk about a single temperature for something as complicated as the climate of Earth,” said Andresen, an expert on thermodynamics. “A temperature can be defined only for a homogeneous system. Furthermore, the climate is not governed by a single temperature. Rather, differences of temperatures drive the processes and create the storms, sea currents, thunder, etc. which make up the climate”.

This is becoming a more prevalent opinion amongst scientists that actually study climate. Politics aside, this is a very complicated phenomenon that cannot be boiled down to simplistic terms. But I guess we will learn that eventually, I just hope we have not driven ourselves to ruin by then.

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