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Libby, Libby, Libby

Posted by zaphriel on March 14, 2007

The Scooter Libby Trial for Dummies

Read The Whole Thing…
Its a good read, Mike Baker is very well versed and speaks intelligently about the whole thing.

Here’s the Cliff Notes for those in a hurry:

You could be excused for being confused over what Plame’s role was at the Agency and what is meant by “her cover was blown.” There have been widely different reports in the media regarding her job description and the extent to which she was or wasn’t “under cover.” Reading through the various accounts, Plame is at turns described as an “operative” (Agency personnel in the operations directorate are “officers” by the way, not operatives, agents or spies) or an “NOC” (non-official cover officer, meaning working without any overt connections to the U.S. government), or a Jennifer Garner/Alias-like character or an analyst. …

A Vanity Fair article on Plame, which pretty much cemented the “my cover is blown” concern, gushed about her super-double secret extra-deep cover status. …

For those of you not read up on the use of “cover” in the world of intelligence, there are different types of cover… some requiring extensive preparation and backstopping (such as non-official cover)…

The simple truth is that, if you start your career under official cover, perhaps as an embassy officer working overseas, you will not then be moved into a non-official cover capacity. The whole point of non-official cover is to be distanced from/unconnected to the U.S. government. Officers do not bounce back and forth between the two worlds. …

Then came Novak’s column citing Plame’s Agency ties. That led to cries of treason over how an Agency employee’s name came to be released to the media, which resulted in huge amounts of methane gas being produced by the media, the special prosecutor’s office, the Democratic Party and defenders of the administration, as they all took turns banging on about it for their own various agendas. This then resulted in global warming which ultimately produced one of the coldest winters on record and an Oscar for Al Gore.

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