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When Reality Interferes With Global Warming

Posted by Mark on March 12, 2007

Germans have been put on notice, that speeding along the autobahn like maniacs , well mein herr, this will no longer be tolerated. You see, it doesn’t fit the Global Warming AGENDA.

An EU official called on Germany to impose speed limits on its autobahns to fight global warming, drawing angry responses yesterday in a country that cherishes what it calls “free driving for free citizens.” The call came as the German government makes taking action against climate change a priority while it holds the rotating presidencies of the European Union and Group of Eight.

But the German environment minister showed little enthusiasm for EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas’ suggestion, and a group representing Germany’s auto industry said it needed “no coaching on efficient climate protection from Brussels.”

Trust me, as the loons continue to SLEDGEHAMMER their Global Warming Panic, these kinds of ridiculous nuances will be sprouting up all over. Any day now….you will be getting reports that:

1. All SUVs have been banned in Paris

2. Burning leaves is no longer permitted in upstate New York

3. All commercial buildings in San Francisco are to be “green-certified”

4. Farmers will be issued Personal Carbon Allowances. (Should the farmers buy more cows or feed them too well, they will be fined.)

5. Al and Tippy Gore are adopting 40,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest. They are naming their first tree- Adam.

And yes….this could easily happen.

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