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Green, even if it kills us.

Posted by zaphriel on March 9, 2007

We have been beating away at the Global Hot Flashes Warming Myth Phenomenon. To understand why you only need to see the result. By taking radical action on a theory… We will lead ourselves to ruin, and still live on a hot planet.
Key Quote:

With any luck, the Mayne event in San Francisco will be so notoriously bad that it will do for enviro-fundamentalism what the Tweed Courthouse did for corrupt government . . . that is, give it unmistakable form that provokes corrective action.

I hope so, I really do.

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Iranian General Prefers America

Posted by Mark on March 9, 2007

While the leftwing loons, moonbats, and social democrats of the world continue to loathe the United States and what it stands for…it’s certainly nice to see a top military leader from AN ENEMY STATE, pack his bags and defect….uh…yah….hold on to your Jane Fonda workout tapes…defect here!

An Iranian general who went missing on a visit to Turkey last month appears to have defected to America, taking with him a treasure trove of his country’s most closely guarded secrets.

Ali Resa Asgari, 63, a general in the elite Revolutionary Guards and former Deputy Defence Minister, vanished on February 7 after arriving in Istanbul on a flight from Syria. He had reservations at the Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel but never checked in.

It was first revealed a couple of days ago….but I was waiting for confirmation before I start CHORTLING over what surely will be the ensuing panic inside Iran.

Yesterday, however, several sources confirmed reports in America that General Asgari had fled to the West, becoming the first senior Iran official to defect since the revolution 27 years ago.

Danny Yatom, the former head of Mossad and a member of the Knesset, said that the general could provide Western intelligence with a unique insight into Iran’s foreign operations in Lebanon and beyond.

The Iranians are accused of using Hezbollah to launch suicide bomb attacks against American, French and Israeli targets, to kidnap Westerners and to build a state within a state in southern Lebanon. They are also suspected of carrying out operations in Europe and even Argentina.

“He is a significant figure,” said one Western source, who follows Iran closely. “It has so far been very difficult to get reliable information on how Iran ran its operations in Lebanon. This could be a big break.”

“It means for the first time, Hezbollah’s adversaries may have accurate estimates of stockpiles, weapons types, even perhaps placement and tactics,” said Nicholas Noe, the author of a forthcoming book on Hezbollah. “This is crucial because the limits and placement of Hezbollah’s weaponry has been a major problem.”


Every now and then….the good guys win. Yes Nancy, yes Harry, yes Howard….THAT WOULD BE US!

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