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Senor Pizza

Posted by Mark on March 6, 2007

As America marches towards extinction, this just in:

A pizza chain that attracted national attention and plenty of hate mail for its decision to temporarily accept Mexican currency said Monday it is making the pesos policy permanent.

Dallas-based Pizza Patron announced in December that it would accept pesos as well as U.S. currency at its 60 locations across the U.S.

The “Pizza por Pesos” program- which brought death threats and hate mail to the company- was set to run through the end of February but will now continue indefinitely.

Pizza Patron founder and chief executive Antonio Swad said in a statement. “We have carved this niche in the pizza industry to compete and serve an underserved market — the Latino customer, not to make any political statement.”


If these ‘Latino customers’ were American citizens…they WOULDN’T HAVE PESOS to spend-you mental MORON! For more on the erosion of America- press 1 for English.

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