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If I Pass On the Meat & Potatoes, Can I Get Out of Jail?

Posted by Mark on March 1, 2007

Evidently, you can.

You better sit down….more dismal news:

A political firestorm swept through Spain yesterday after the Government released a notorious Eta killer from prison on “humanitarian grounds”, fearing that he was close to death after 114 days without eating.

To avoid angry crowds, the Government spirited Iñaki de Juana Chaos from the secure hospital unit in Madrid, where he was being force-fed, to a clinic in the Basque Country. He will be allowed to serve out the remaining year of his sentence at home under police supervision.

The decision nevertheless sparked fury among groups representing Eta’s 800 victims, with some reportedly calling the opposition Popular Party in tears. “The Government has surrendered to Eta,” the Association of Victims of Terrorism said. The decision to release de Juana on health grounds was a “macabre irony, given the state of those he murdered, mutilated, destroyed socially and psychologically”.

Just remember….liberal dementia is a GLOBAL disease that effects, defects, and reflects millions. A disease that afflicts more people than HIV, Cancer, and Hepatatis combined.

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