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Why Defeatism

Posted by zaphriel on February 22, 2007

is not a viable policy.

Via Gribbit

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Experts Surprised? People With Half A Brain- Not Surprised

Posted by Mark on February 22, 2007


Seems Iran is in ‘open defiance’ of the United Nations. Well….isn’t that a shock to the cerebral cortex. I mean…this might induce a myocardial infarction!

In open defiance of the United Nations, Iran is steadily expanding — rather than freezing — its efforts to enrich uranium, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported today. The findings have prompted the Bush Administration to press for more severe sanctions against Iran, at a moment of greatly increased tensions between Washington and Tehran.

In a mild surprise to outside experts, the nuclear agency reported that Iran is now operating, or is about to switch on, roughly 1,000 centrifuges, the high-speed devices that enrich uranium, at its main nuclear facility at Natanz.

So….big deal. And the U.N liberals and the Senate and House demo-bats are going to do what about it?

a) Collectively gnash their teeth?
b) Ask Al Gore if this effects global warming?
c) Call Noam Chomsky and ask him for guidance?
d) Call for Nancy Pelosi to create a sub-committee to study why enriched uranium is not as safe as enriched flour?

Likely all of the above. But tomorrow, you can bet…the NY Times will announce that George Dubya forced Iran to DEFEND ITSELF. And that Iran’s only solution was to build a nuclear bomb. And if it wasn’t for George Bush:

…the earth would be cooler
…Muslim terrorists would all be on Prozac and studying Nietzsche at Harvard
…Hurricane Katrina would have veered off course and hit Belize and
…SUVs would be powered by Green Giant corn.

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